What we do

We help companies reduce operating expenses + achieve sustainability goals.

Identify Goals

We listen to your sustainability goals, and data gaps that are holding you back.

Turnkey Solutions

We implement turnkey technology in the areas of energy and waste that save you money.

Data Data Data

We get you accurate, and actionable data using disruptive technology. Allowing you to hit unprecedented goals for waste diversion and energy reduction.

Amplify Your Mission

With better data than ever, our interactive platform allows you to engage your company, and your customers into your sustainability story.

Better Outcomes. Sustain.

Sustain is an OpEx reduction platform and the easiest way for businesses and institutions to achieve sustainability goals. Sustain is the only partner to guarantee risk free, scaleable and fully integrated solutions that deliver immediate results.

We are focused on shifting power back to our customers in areas of an operating budget where gains are difficult to find.

Through our disruptive technologies focused on changing the rules and empowering our clients with real time data to achieve goals that matter.


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End Users


MTCO2 Reduced


Dollars Saved